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How Can Processwork Integrate Current Understandings of Trauma?

with Julián Jaramillo

2 Hours of Class Lecture & 2 Hours of Practice lab

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10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Pacific Time
Tuesday, February 15 & 22

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What is the contribution that developments in trauma research can (and should) have in Processwork?

Learning Areas

The insight into brain function that fMRI experiments has opened for us us has provided our field information that Freud, Jung and other amazing psychologists could never fathom.

How can these current understanding of trauma help us as processworkers to be more effective therapists?


What You'll Learn


Trauma was the original research topic of the nascent field of psychology over 120 years ago. Unresolved trauma, especially early childhood trauma, is at the root of some of the most severe, persistent and intractable conditions. However, only now are we having a more precise and nuanced understanding of it, through the aid of neuropsychology, interpersonal neurobiology and developmental psychopathology. The insight into brain function that fMRI has opened for us us has provided our field information that Freud, Jung and other amazing psychologists could never fathom. With the aid of this information we have tested, discarded, confirmed and nuanced many concepts and therapeutic intervention. For example, the need to make the unconscious conscious, going back to the early memories in order to create cathartic expression,  to circulate back the body energy trapped in deep muscle tension, completing childhood experiences, changing core beliefs, and the Self as healthy organizing function, and more. 

What is the contribution that all of these developments can (and should) have in Processwork? How can current understanding of trauma help us as processworkers to be more effective therapists? In this class we are going to have a general but comprehensive introduction to the current understanding of trauma and some of the newest interventions to work with it. We will revise on some of the fundamental assumptions of PW and how newest understanding might add important layers to them when we are working with trauma. We will discuss the subtle ways that traditional PW has already been trauma sensitive, and how to expand upon them. Finally, we will reflect on how the way we use PW can benefit from this awareness and from more in depth training in some modern interventions, in order to support our clients in processing their trauma and regaining their capacity to unlock their mythical powers. This class will focus mainly on supporting therapists working with clients dealing with trauma in individual therapy, however insights could be useful also for facilitation.


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About Your Teacher

Julián Jaramillo

Process-Oriented therapist, trauma specialist

Julian is a passionate advanced diploma student of Process Oriented Psychology, in Portland, Oregon. Prior to moving to Portland in 2021, he has been practicing as a psychotherapist in Ecuador, and internationally on zoom, supporting individuals, couples, families and groups for almost a decade. He works with body symptoms, deep body work, trauma, altered states, dreams, relationships, conflict, shamanic experiences, singing, and more. He is also a leadership coach, supporting leaders and teams to achieve extraordinary results and develop higher levels of meaning making. He has also been in traditional shamanic training for more than 15 years in the jungle and mountains in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia with elders of different lineages. In his practice, Julian combines science, embodied dreaming, system awareness, depth psychology, and traditional shamanic wisdom.

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Julian Jaramillo, man smiling

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