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Kalpana Tanwar on
Life Myth in Processwork

Our life myth is a dream
That is out there
calling to us

In Process-Orieted Psychology the Life Myth can be seen as an overarching dream or pattern of life. This concept comes from Jungian Psychology. As Carl Jung said in his lecture on the significance of children’s dreams,

“These early dreams in particular or of the upmost importance because they are dreamed out of the depths of the personality and, therefore frequently represent in anticipation of the leader destiny.”
(Read the transcript of his lecture HERE).

Life myth is one of the most mysterious and meaningful gifts from the dreaming. How mystifying that these original seed patterns imprinted on our consciousness through memory con contain multi-dimensional layers of insight capable of guiding us through our lives! Life myths give us a map of what Processwork calls our secondary energies. These elements represented in the other figures in the dream are clues as to aspects of ourselves that we do not yet feel comfortable recognizing as ourselves. Because they are disavowed or marginalized aspects of our own wholeness, they show up as ‘the other’ in the dream. 

Often children have nightmares, dreaming of being chased, wolves, vampires, monsters. Process-Oriented Psychology models how these elements of our being will “chase” us through our life times. In fact Processwork plays with the notion that the archetypal energy contained in these figures will repeat throughout our lives in the forms of body symptoms, relationship issues, dreams and desires as the dance to integrate it shapes our life path. To paraphrase how Arnold Mindell, a principle founder of Processwork once put it, ‘There is the you of your every day self, then there is a the energy of a bigger you in the figure from your childhood dream. The dialect between the two is your process.’

Like many dreams, the Life Myth presents itself but is not necessarily understood, and yet has the potential to help us understand our lives if we can listen to it on its terms.

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