Ana Rhodes
3o Minutes Monthly Meditation for peace

Peaceful Meditation: Sanctuary for healing, prayer and meditation

with Ana Rhodes Castro

Free, livE, Monthly 30 Minute meditation for Peace & Healing

Time & Dates

11:00-11:30 AM Pacific Time
Tuesday Nov 7, Dec 5, January 3

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Join a Place of Prayer and Silence. No theory, no processwork. A place to create a web of love and light, and loving prayer for peace and healing. A place of holding for all people.

Each month we'll gather for 30 minutes

You are invited to a virtual sanctuary

A monthly gathering to create together a sacred space of healing, meditation or prayer and peace.

A prayer done collectively has more effect than an individual prayer.

Meditation as a community can constellate power to support the process of restoration and balance.


This is a virtual, monthly sanctuary with silence, meditation or prayer and gathering with others. A sacred space and a place for ALL FOR HEALING AND PEACE. To invoke Divine Grace, Protection, Healing and Peace.It’s a virtual Ashram circle. 

A prayer done collectively has more effect than an individual prayer. Meditation as a community can constellate power to support the process of restoration and balance.

Of course, meditation and prayer alone will not suffice. Action, and cultural and diversity-based education are essential. Along with learning the abilities to listen deeply and show active empathy. So much much more is needed along prayer and meditation to bring about Peace.

Knowing and honouring these important facts, and knowing how difficult it is for us to live, be peace-builders, facilitators and growers of our community, this is a space for you. It is a place to call forth the Divinity within, and all around us. In all forms, shapes, stiles, cultures and backgrounds. 

This is dedicated to people of all seas and lands, dedicated to the dead and the living. To those who walked before us, those who walk after us, and to us in the present generation.

We will gather, welcome everyone, start with a simple evocation, and then sound the gong. This leads to about 10 minutes of silence. 

The gong opens up the space again. We invite you, if moved, to share a poem, mediation or prayer of peace out loud.  The gong will bring us back to silence for about 5 minutes, and signal when we gather again to go. 

This group will meet monthly, and there will be no recordings. It is only attended live. If you would like to attend but can’t because of the time, please contact us and let us know when you can attend. We’ll try to offer a gathering at that time.

About Your Teacher

Ana Rhodes Castro

Facilitator of Individuals & Organizations, Consultation & Quantum Researcher

Ana works as a facilitator, trainer, and supervisor with corporate organizations, civil society groups, and NGOs. One of her greatest passions involves maximizing the inherent potential of individuals, groups, and organizations in a way that supports and enhances natural leadership. She facilitates groups of up to 400 people in processes of socio-cultural and organizational change, using tools that support diversity and Deep Democracy.

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Ana Rhodes

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Meditation & Prayer Space

This is a live meditation and prayer space facilitated by Ana Rhodes Castro
Included are monthly meditations of 30 minutes
It’s highly participatory, learn and come together in community!

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