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Courses provide in-depth training over multiple sessions on a particular topic.
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The first workshop explores “process”. Process is the essence of change – it flows along regardless of our attempts to pin it down to fixed structures and objects. Process work implies facilitation of process – recognizing what is changing, valuing the direction it is going, and helping it get there.

The second workshop explores your “ranks” and process. Hierarchies of power and privilege are an inescapable consequence of society. Cultivating awareness of the process of rank can free us from the pessimism of seeing our rank as a fixed structure to overcome.

with Joe Goodbread

Ana Rhodes

Breaking free from inner and outer oppression is a political, social and community task. It is also a deeply psychological and spiritual one. It takes courage and compassion to break the cycle of violence. We need to recover a meta position that has the ability to notice, reflect on and communicate impact. Recovering our sensitivity is a radical act of freedom that supports us to stay connected to the Spirit that Survives.


Peer Supervision Group

Join a confidential, monthly peer supervision group for therapists who use process-oriented psychology, perhaps in addition to another modality. Learn with your peers, and experienced supervisors as the group requires.

What is peer supervision about?

Courses provide in-depth training over multiple sessions on a particular topic.
Led by experienced teachers, courses include life time access to follow-along videos,
take-home exercises and extra resources.

2.5 Hours of Video

  • Learn Process Work theory and practices that address differences
  • Explore your own individual identity and main “others”
  • Delve into Role theory for greater fluidity and awareness
  • Develop greater holding capacity through connection with Nature energies
  • Learn rank awareness for greater empowerment and sensitivity
  • Learn a simplified Process Work model of conflict
  • $60 for lifetime access!

2 Hours of Video

  • 2 Hours of Video Teaching broken down into easy-to-follow clips
  • 3 Process-Oriented Innerwork Exercises to get to the heart of what you want in sex & relationships
  • A Simplified Theory Presentation of Process Structure
  • 2 Guided Meditations to help you cross your relationships edges
  • 5 Supplemental Process Tips for difficult conversations in relationships
  • Journal Exercises for you to complete in your own time
  • $60 for lifetime access!

*This is not a recording of a live training. It is a FREE course made for a remote viewing experience. Follow the exercises and lectures in your own time and at your own pace.

1.5 Hours of Video

Niyati Evers and Robert King explore ‘Death as an Ally’ as a window into new possibilities and what this means for how you live and how you love.
  • 1.5 hours of video 
  • Theory Presentation
  • A Guided Exercise
  • Written exercises and digital resource handouts
  • $10 – $60 Sliding Scale: 50% of the proceeds go to

    Native Americans in Philanthropy 

5 Hours of Video

In this course, we focus on getting to know your erotic landscape and developing a more conscious relationship with your sexuality. The more grounded we are in our self-awareness around our own sexuality, the more we can shape our erotic experiences. This course:

  • Looks at some of the typical challenges and dynamics that come up around sexuality in long-term relationships and how to develop intimacy by connecting in an authentic way.
  • Covers erotic practices and how to communicate in ways that are welcoming and encouraging of explorations in the realm of sexuality and intimacy.
  • 3 class sections or 2 hours each
  • Includes supplemental exercises, resources & handouts
  • $60 for lifetime access!

Seminars are a two hour experiential dive
into a specialized topic
led by a professional facilitator

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The quality that Processwork Online offers is incredible! I was blown away by the charisma of the presenters and how advanced the material was. I highly recommend it. 

- Elana Santorino

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