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Sitting in the Fire Black and White on the Edge of White Supremacy

with Diane Wong

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10:00 AM – 12.00 PM Pacific Time
Tuesday, September 20 & 27

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Join us for robust, courageous dialogue. Let's Talk About Race.


What is white supremacy? Anti-Blackness? How do we talk about them?

  • How do emotions about race shape stereotypes?
  • How can Process Workers use their powerful skills to encourage and guide talking about race? 


What is white supremacy? Anti-Blackness? How is being anti-racist different from being non-racist? How can Process Workers use their powerful skills to encourage and guide talking about race?

We have only a few ways to know each other differently than what we see in the media. In this course we get to bring race clearly and directly to the table and discuss the difficulty of race dialogue, and use race role plays to make it easier.

Internalized emotions about race play a part in our daily lives. We have to acknowledge that what we are unaware of we can’t admit; thus, denial is our go-to excuse for continued ignorance. When we deny something, such as our own racism and ingrained stereotypes, we cannot uncover, examine, claim, or change them.

In the first class we will learn about race, and potential pitfalls of practicing other race experiences in our current hyper-sensitive environment. We will dialogue about the dangers and difficulties of healing our racial divide, given our history of segregation. And examine common feelings about race, and ways that stereotypes emerge.

We’ll learn together and in small groups to look at what we can do, how we might, and why we must do it. This experience is especially essential for process workers who understand that we project outward that morass of unwanted feelings we carry inside us.

In this course, we will learn and experience how racism is a personal issue. Helping each of us understand our role in the racial dynamic is critical to healing our racial divide.

Join Diane Wong for robust, courageous dialogue. Let’s Talk About Race.

About Your Teacher

Diane Wong

Mediator, Facilitator & Global Conflict Resolution Processor

Diane Wong (she, her) holds a Juris Doctorate, is a certified mediator, facilitator, and global conflict resolution processor. Born into a Black, Chinese, Mexican, Irish, Native American family, Diane grew up as a member of Cleveland’s Black community and attended a segregated school system. 

Diane holds a JD from Harvard Law School.
She is a certified mediator, facilitator, global conflict resolution processor, and yogi.

Diane is Co-Founder and Cohost of an award-winning multimedia show, Let’s Talk About Race, and Founder of the Racial Justice Collaborative (RJC).  RJC is a team of mediators, facilitators, educators, therapists, and visionaries working to build awareness, create learning opportunities, and facilitate growth by processing racial feelings and beliefs.

Reach Diane at dianemwong@gmail.com

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Diane Wong

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