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Ukraine Aid List

Допомога Україні

This List a Collection of Efforts and Organizations, sharing Where you can donate to support Ukrainians

This document is updated as new information comes in.
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Historical Relationships of Ukraine and Russia

Organized by the Process Work Ukrainian community, these meetings explore the roles, ghost roles and nuances to show the past, patterns and historical traumas, and how they appear in the present war. They have met with Slovak, Spanish, Polish and British communities. The structure of the meeting: 

  • 1 – 1.5 hrs on the history of Ukraine (from the perspective of Ukraine).
  • 1 hr Ukrainians telling their own stories of living in the war.
  • 0.5 hr for questions.

They have a team of five people, and would like donations for translators. Please donate to:

For more information, please contact Yaroslava.

psyFAQ (psy = psychology, FAQ = frequently asked questions)

Started before the war, these are free online conferences on psychology, development and self-support. Using everyday, accessible language, they made them free and available to everyone because psychology is still taboo for many people. They want to introduce people to self-help practices and psychological approaches.

They have covered topics such as resources, laziness and procrastination, psychological support, goal setting and relationships. 

Their conferences have been up to five days, with 15-20 speakers and 700-1,200 participants from Ukraine, Russia, Europe, USA and Israel. A team of five core people supported by others put these together and are looking to secure funding to run this program during the war. 

Support for a psychological project in Ukraine

Millions of Ukrainians are now in a difficult morale, they have lost their loved ones, homes and jobs. We are engaged in educational activities and help Ukrainians cope with difficult emotions. We work on a volunteer basis, but we need money for technical support. Please support us. 

PayPal for donations:  

For transfer from any country in the world: 

Details on the link:

Marina Nikitina

Union of Hearts

Support for a community of forced immigrants in Montenegro. Mothers and children have organized their own classes for school, sports and psychological support. They would like donations to rent space and buy supplies.

Daria Kachanovskay

Ukrainian Drones

Last several days showed that western world is split into two major camps – negotiators and eagle fighters. 

Negotiators, like France, Italy, Germany etc. are not willing to fight Putin and Russia because of their business and other ties with Russian regime. 

While the other side, led by Great Britain and the US, are formally willing to help Ukraine, but they need much time to deliver significant heavy weapons in necessary quantities.

In such circumstances the ONLY way to near victory for the Ukraine is to invent something own made like Bayraktar TB2 or like Global Hawk and Switchblade but way cheaper than the mentioned analogues.

The idea is to make a series of three lightweight UAV planes capable of lifting from 60 to as much as 240kg of payload with flight range up to 1000km and radio controlled range 150-300km. This type of UAVs can dramatically change current Ukrainian-Russian warfare (war conflict) in months after implementation.

Each of the three UAV models has its own unique function from breaking air defence to bombing  front zone and even delivery of vital cargos like the ones so necessary ar Azov Steel. While R&D and engineering of the Bayraktar complex takes tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars any part of this UAV complex design costs only $300-450 thousands of dollars. Totaling all complex design into less than $2million.

But the greatest part of the story is that starting from as little as $120k we can make two prototypes ready to fight in the combat zone and ready to show potential investors the strength and perspective of this UAV project.

Even if you’ll find about $60k we will match it up to $120k to make the first flying prototype and show the concept of this UAV complex.

Why is this project so cool?

  1. Every UAV will cost only $80-120k when most of the analogues of such class would cost 2-3 times more expensive.
  2. Made of biocomposites by 90% it is almost totally radio-transparent and almost invisible for enemy radars.
  3. Having a reliable and economical engine it can fly up to 1000km with only 16lt of gasoline.
  4. UAV will have a unique RC-system capable of operating in heavy electronic warfare conditions.
  5. Our team has two aviation designers from the Aviant Antonov factory having successful background in both theoretical expertise (leading engineer is a professor of Kyiv Polytechnic institute, Aerodynamics department) and in practical aviation construction.
  6. Our team is not sitting and waiting for money! As a volunteer team we have started assembly of the first prototype already.

Additional financial and engineering / technical documents available upon request.

For more information & details: Oleg Naumenko

Bullet-Proof Vests - Made in Ukraine

To donate:


They require more Cordura to make the vests, there is none in Ukraine. More information on Cordura:

They require donations of condura in military pixel, olive, dark green and khaki. To send it, please contact Regina Popova, <>.

Art Valey

Selling artwork of Ukrainian and EU children and youth to raise money for children’s needs.

Maria Makukha

Help Ukraine -
Humanitarian Aid, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Watch the intro video

GoFundMe page:

Money goes to: 

– Purchasing gear for National and Territorial Army in Kharkiv and sending it directly

– Donating money to KHARKIV ZOOS like and

– Donating money to “FOND MASHA” charity that supports CHILDREN, WOMEN, AND OLDER CIVILIANS in Ukraine that are suffering from the Russia Ukraine war


– Donating money to “ATHENA. WOMEN AGAINST CANCER” organization

International Peace Group


The International Peace Group is Sage Emery and Gary Reiss. We have several projects, but the one that this talk is concerned with is the Ukraine emergency fund. 

When the war broke out, one of Gary’s students found himself in the middle of the war. Gary began working with students online once or twice a week to help them get through the horror, and it became clear many people there were fleeing for their lives and needed help. 

One student made it to Poland and became their link to others who needed emergency funds. One of Sage’s Ukrainian clients connected them to his sister Sophie, who became their main connection to people in need in Ukraine. A woman in Kharkiv works with elders who are not able to leave, because they have health issues or cannot do the walk required to leave. 

The group raised $14,000 so far and sent most of it to people who fled to Poland. There are many more people in Ukraine and Poland who need help, and they continue fundraising for this extremely important project. If you would like to donate please send funds through our website:

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