Kalpana Tanwar

Vulnerability and Resilience
as a Practitioner

with Kalpana Tanwar

The common perspective is that one needs to be Teflon-coated and strong in order to earn a living as a therapist.



The common perspective is that one needs to be Teflon-coated and strong in order to earn a living as a therapist. 

However, Process Work is a self-awareness paradigm. 

The primary tool of the therapist is the self. Unless the therapist has worked on their own personal issues like prejudices, traumas, and mind-sets to name a few, they cannot be efficient practitioners. And thus, the self in this dynamic landscape is always vulnerable. In order to sustain a long-term practice, one needs to build one’s own resilience. 

Over the past two decades as a practicing psychotherapist, I have met myself in my clients repeatedly. I recognise myself in my client’s issues and processes because I continue doing my own inner work. I see it mirrored in my client’s process. Being so engaged with the client, I am able to see the same issue from another perspective which in turn expands my perspective.   

Often, in life, being bold and striking out is not always useful. It may be the heroic way of doing things, one that wins approval and applause. And if this is what my clients want, I help them develop strategies to get there. But when I share my own personal insights and vulnerabilities, my client is able to perceive that the heroic way might not work in their best interest in spite of the approval or the applause.  

In this seminar, I will present case studies where I have shared my personal story with the client and discussed outcomes. This has helped my clients make informed decisions and develop strategies that support their decision-making process. 

Allowing vulnerability in my sessions has helped me develop resilience and has made me grow my practice. It’s good not only for my practice and reputation but also aids my own personal well-being. Coping with the vulnerability has helped me heal. As a result, I have grown resilient. 

Such sessions enrich even a therapist’s life and helps them develop strong, authentic selves. 

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Meet Kalpana Tanwar

Jungian psychotherapist, conflict facilitator & educator

Kalpana is in private practice working with individuals and families as a psychotherapist, and an educator running workshops and courses for groups. She taught for nine years at the Srishti Institute of Design. Her diverse experience of working with corporates in market research and as a group facilitator, educator, and psychotherapist in India and abroad, gives her a unique edge in understanding relationship dynamics and how they play out in organisations. Her corporate workshops are based on the unknown, the unseen, and the shadow side of people and their interactions, and are thus deeply insightful. 

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Kalpana Tanwar

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