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Featured Seminars

Our 2022 Seminar Calendar

Series 1

Trauma-Informed Facilitation

Featured Seminar

An Introduction to Racism and Trauma

Raggi Kotak

February 9th
11AM – 12:00 PM PST

This seminar is an opportunity to consider the dynamics of racism and trauma, and how they interlink. Thus creating barriers to growth and change. If we don’t recognize what is going on, and address the dynamic they create, our efforts won’t achieve the change or result we work towards.

Series 2

Life Myth & Meaning

Featured Seminar

Integrating Evil
Within Our Life Myth

Paul Levy

April 26th
12PM – 1PM PDT

In a unique and original synthesis of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, evolutionary mysticism, shamanism, quantum physics, transpersonal psychology and the insights of C. G. Jung, Paul Levy shows us how to alchemically extract the healing remedy from the poisonous mind-virus known as wetiko by bringing forth the creative spirit that is thirsting to be born within—and through—us.

Series 3

Facilitating Relationships

Featured Seminar

Understanding Our Attitudes Towards Relationships

Alexandra Vassiliou

September 15th
9AM – 10AM PST

Relationships are personal, professional & social. Across all the diverse relationships we have, what we bring to it is our attitude. What attitude to do you bring? An activist? A caretaker? How do these influence what you can give, take and learn in relationship?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Every Learning Series begins with a free seminar that is open to all. They are marked in the title and with a blue background. Become a member to participate in the full Learning Series. 

As a member, you can take one course or all of them. Memberships are priced to be a great deal, and there is a four month minimum commitment. For the price of one course, you get the entire course library.

We record all seminars and courses. You can watch them in the library whenever you want. 

Seminars are a one-hour talk. They are open to the public and dig into a topic under the guidance of professionals who use or teach Processwork. 

Courses go deep into specific tools and skill sets, utilizing group learning and personalized training to enhance the experience.

Our dream is to make learning Process Work accessible to all. Different prices are to accommodate global currencies and your economic reality. 

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