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Our FREE 2020 Seminars

with Pierre Morin, MD.

January 10th
10AM – 12PM PST

Big Medicine includes experiences of both health and sickness. From that perspective, health is not an idealized state of wellness, small health, but a journey. The ways in which we navigate that journey and make sense of it, are all a part of Big Medicine. It is important to seek medical help for your illness, but that is not the end, nor the whole story.

with Rho Sandberg, Director & Co-Founder, Global Coaching Institute.

February 3rd

Process-Oriented coaching and consulting is a dynamic exploration of the world of organisational coaching and consulting. Whether you are an experienced organisational coach, executive coach or are interested in entering this field, join us to learn and share more about the growing field of Processwork in organisations.

with Jan Dworkin, Ph.D.

March 11th
10AM – 12PM PDT

Intimate relationships don't just happen between two people. They also occur in a social context, and the inequities in the world get repeated between partners. Jan will discuss her new book, Make Love Better, and share insights about working with intersectional power dynamics in couples.

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We Offer In-Depth Online Courses

Join Process Work Peers to discuss how to work online with individuals and groups.

Monday, March 30th
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PDT

Catharine Macdonald will faciliate a discussion on how to pick-up and unfold signals online. We'll look at what's different between working in-person and online.

with Annahid Dashtgard, Co-founder and Senior Partner, Anima Leadership.

April 8th
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT

Annahid shares about her new book and the process of writing personally about the topic of race.

with Ayako “Aya” Fujisaki, Ph.D.

May 4th
10AM – 12PM PDT

In this workshop, we will learn how we can utilize some Processwork ideas to cultivate love, acceptance, and compassion toward ourselves. We will also learn how we can apply KonMari method (an acclaimed organizing method created by a Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo) to develop self-love. 

with David Bedrick

June 8th
11AM – 1PM PDT

This program is based on a research study I conducted with 21 women and my upcoming book, Dying to Be Smaller; Hungry to Be Bigger. I will share the most compelling stories as case studies.

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with Anuradha Deb

July 8th
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

This training will describe how Processwork can and has been applied in Organizations across industries as well as hierarchies in India and Europe and Middle East. Specially suitable for those who are employed in organizations as well as those who are consulting or coaching with organizations and have been experimenting with and wondering how we can use our PW skills where we work.

with Wangũi wa Kamonji

September 15th
8AM – 10AM PDT

Reclaiming indigenous ways of being, knowing and doing has been key to how I understand what I am on Earth to do, i.e. my life purpose, or life myth in Processwork terms, and has enabled me to observe and get in the stream of my process. Questions open up potent ways we can inquire into our paths and are fertile arenas for culture shifts, especially when they are connected to our deep feeling senses, and exploring them through indigenous ways of knowing.

Identity & edges - using primary & secondary in therapy

with Catharine Macdonald

October 14th

Primary and secondary process are very useful tools to learn about our "identity", how we see ourselves, and where we bump into edges. The concepts are easy for people to grasp, and a way to spark imagination and curiosity about what might be "secondary". It can be a useful tool to explore the "shadow" or less pleasant sides of our personality too.

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with Ala' Hammattan

December 13th

This training will address:
-Areas of current and past process work research
-Gaps in process work research
-The importance of investigating process work applications by evidence-based research tools
-The aftermath of worldwork 2020 Conference: Where research is needed

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