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A process oriented approach to organisational development

January 26th

How we can apply our Process Work skills and methodology within a context of organisational development, particularly when working with leadership, culture and performance.


February 1st 

Facilitating groups is a tough gig. Facilitating groups where trauma is present (which is almost all groups to greater and lesser degrees) is a really tough gig. What can we do to create safe-enough group spaces that support people to do the work they are there to do?

Psychiatric Medication Essentials: Jung, Processwork, and The Inner Prescription

February 19th
10AM – 12PM PST

This class is a crash course on psych medication essentials that you can bring directly into practice right away. Gain confidence, clarity, and new tools for working with these sometimes useful, sometimes dangerous substances.

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Diane Wong

White Supremacy & Anti-Blackness: The Role of Process Work in Race Dialogue

March, 3rd
10AM – 12PM PST

What is white supremacy? Anti-Blackness? How is being anti-racist different from being non-racist? How can Process Workers use their powerful skills to encourage and guide talking about race? Join Diane Wong & Jordana Hart for an interactive deep dive into the anti-racism journey and how Process Work/Deep Democracy can propel anti-racism work in the U.S. and internationally.

Sergey Bayev

Processwork &
Managing rage

April 6th
10AM – 12PM PST

Managing Rage: How to work with Anger & Extreme Emotions

Life Myth

May 25th
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT

The Life Myth can be seen as an overarching dream or pattern of life. Like many dreams, the Life Myth presents itself but is not necessarily understood, and yet has the potential to help us understand our lives if we can listen to it on its terms.

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Tackling climate change: What can processwork offer?

June 1st 
11AM – 1PM PST

Climate change is not only the greatest threat ever faced by civilization, but reveals the deep social, economic, and spiritual conflicts at its core. How can we draw on processwork to support the transformation of our world, our organizations, and ourselves amidst this immense challenge?

Vulnerability and Resilience as a Practitioner

July 5th
6:30AM – 8:30PM PST

The primary tool of the therapist is the self. Unless the therapist has worked on their own personal issues like prejudices, traumas, and mind-sets to name a few, they cannot be efficient practitioners. And thus, the self in this dynamic landscape is always vulnerable. In order to sustain a long-term practice, one needs to build one’s own resilience.

Processwork Online In Spanish

Amazing trainings and meetups all in Spanish
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Deep Ecology as an ally of conflict facilitation

July 9th 
9AM – 11AM PST

In extreme situations, connecting with the powers of Nature can help us to be in connection with the deepest essence of life, the cycles of natural evolution of the universe. How can the presence of consciousness and the wisdom of Nature can help us resolve seemingly impossible conflicts between people?

Healing Racism in Ourselves & Our Communities

September 17th
11AM – 1PM PST

Ubuntu - I am because we are. Change happens when those who serve as agents of transformation understand the foundations of race and racism. Racism was done and it can be undone through effective community, individual and institutional change.

“Am I following the Dreaming…?” What does it really mean?

October 12th
11AM – 1PM PST

For some of us, it’s not easy to embrace our mystic and shamanic nature without fearing to be considered nuts or a fake. How to consider the need of our cognitive mind “to know”, to have clarity, to understand structure; and at the same time, be able to let the Dreaming guide us.

Falling in Love
with Our Self

November 1st
10AM – 11:30AM PST

The meeting on Zoom is more about unlearning rather than learning or teaching, it is a laboratory more than a classroom. In this period we have together we will spend half of our time in a guided meditation giving the opportunity to enter experientially the nature of our own sense of self or “I Am-ness”

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