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Processwork Online
Global Symposium



May 2 - May 3, 2020

Saturday & Sunday


4 Panel Discussions

symposium summary

Inpire.learn.celebrate is An Exploration of Processwork around the world in different cultural and professional contexts

Our dream is to connect people who use Processwork worldwide with individuals, groups and organizations. Panel discussions will explore how Processwork is used in different cultures and contexts, and how it is used with other methods. We will also explore how we see it growing and changing in the future.

Welcome & Thank you!!

Thank you for participating on a panel!

Here is what we need from you by Saturday, April 11th:

  1. mailto:marayakarena@gmail.comA picture of you
  2. A short bio
  3. Links to your website/ social media/ project links to showcase

*Send to: as soon as possible*

In your short bio, or separately in the email to us, please include

  • What year you first learned processwork.
  • Whether you work primarily with individuals, organizations or other.
  • Two words to describe your style as a facilitator.

Panel Details

Panel Logistics

There will be 4 panels of 3-4 presenters each.

  • Each panel will be 2 hours long.
  • All panels will be moderated by Maraya Karena, Catharine Macdonald or Julián Jaramillo.
  • All panels will happen over zoom.

Panel Structure & Agenda

How are the panels organized?

Here is the outlined schedule for each 2 hour panel

  • Welcome, Introductions & 5 min innerwork: 15 minutes

  • Panelists talk for 10 -15 minutes each: 45 minutes max

  • Moderator asks questions & facilitates discussion amongst panelists: 20 minutes

  • Questions from the audience: 20 minutes

  • Thanks & Close: 5 minutes

Panelist Questions

What should I speak about for
10 -15 minutes?

What is interesting or relevant to present?

The symposium is to learn about how processwork is used in different contexts and cultures around the world, celebrating the people using processwork, and inspire all of us to use the unique skills and tools that processwork offers. Your introduction and talk can:


  • Share stories of your work in the field.
  • How you apply PW in your specific cultural or professional context. What is  most useful? What is missing, and what do you use instead?
  • Significant moments, successes, challenges you’ve experienced.
  • Do you feel as if you belong to the PW local or global community? Why or why not? 


  • How you’ve tailored PW to fit your use cases or combined it with other modalities.
  • New learnings and areas of current research. What are the gaps and weaknesses in your practice and application of PW? What else do you want to see?
  • How you introduce PW to those who are not familiar with the paradigm. How can PW be more accessible? 


  • How your application, practice and understanding of PW has evolved.
  • Personal stories of how PW has influenced your life and/or work.
    PW is unique in using ourselves to facilitate, what is this experience like for you? 
  • What you see is future of PW, personally and collectively? 

What kind of questions might participants ask?

Here are some sample questions

Dates, Times & co-Panelists

*Dates & Times are fixed.

Co-panelist line-up may shift.

meet the panelists

Saturday, May 2

Panel #1
Moderator: Catharine Macdonald

7am- 9am

use Portland, Oregon, USA for time zone reference

Shakil Choudry

Annuradha Deb

Vanessa Reid

Yulia Filippovska

meet the panelists

Saturday, May 2

Panel #2
MODERATOR: CAtharine Macdonald

11am- 1 pm

use Portland, Oregon, USA for time zone reference

Aleksandr Peikrishvili

Ana Rhodes

Ana Rhodes


Sergey Beyev

meet the panelists

Saturday, May 2

Panel #3
Maraya Karena or Julián Jaramillo

6pm - 8pm

use Portland, Oregon, USA for time zone reference

Hiroshi Fujihira

Rho Sandberg

Ala' Hammattah

Zed Xaba

meet the panelists

Sunday, May 3

Panel #4

6pm - 8pm

use Portland, Oregon, USA for time zone reference

Anne Murphy

Hellene Gronda

Vicki Hendricks

Lety Mendoza


We deeply appreciate that you are
taking time out of your weekend to
processwork with us

Frequently Asked Questions

That is up to you. If you would like to reach out to your co-panelists, that is a personal choice. 

We will be coming up with a topic structure that encompasses all of your work based on the bios you send us. We will also be sure to moderate and encourage conversation between panelists during the time of the panel.

Welcoming & Introductions: 15 minutes

Panelists present for 10 -15 minutes each: 45 minutes

Moderator asks panelists pre-submitted questions: 20 minutes

Moderator facilitates lives questions from the audience: 20 minutes

Thanks & Close: 5 minutes

We will send them the zoom link when they register. 

We will also have the videos recordings or clips available on our site for public viewing.

Very much! Thank you!

We love you, and deeply appreciate that you are taking time out of your weekend to talk about processwork, share how you use it, it’s impact on your life, and your dream for the future of PW. Unlike training courses and workshops, this will be an exploration and celebration of processwork as a paradigm. We hope to encourage its use, and connect as a global community. 

Here is the link for the Symposium:

Yes! You are welcome to use video, audio and visuals for your own use, whether commercial or not. Contact us to get access to the files.

If you want to use the link to the entire panel discussion, please link to  the recording on

Yes! Feel free to send general questions or questions to a specific person or panel to either Cathy or Maraya.

Please ask! Or if you have another need, please let us know. 

You can write your questions to:

More Questions?
let's talk!

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