Sunday, December 13th
1pm - 3pm PST

Revivifying the True Essence of Inquiry and Research

with Ala’ Hammattah, MMedSci, MA

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Progressing authentically in life is rooted in realizing our innate process of inquiry and reasoning, incremental personal growth, and reconciling the fragmented pieces of our identity.

In this seminar:

  1. We will address the current reality of learning systems in universities and research institutions, and how academic shame influence our identities;
  2. We will explore how we can use our dreaming and earthing essence experiences to reclaim the power of our innate inquiry and reasoning;
  3. We will also explore together how Processwork can facilitate academicians, educators and researchers to conduct integral teaching and research processes. 

As an experiential process worker, academician and researcher, I have been unlearning, and critically examining educational systems and scientific-inquiry approaches as the world knows them. Processing heart wrenching edges, academic shame and trusting the process of “not knowing” have empowered me to break the mold of what I have known as an academician and researcher. It has shed the light on the integral responsibility that I must hold towards searching for new knowledge and how I impact the world. 

The real purpose of inquiry and research is to seek the truth. If research is novel and conducted with ethical integrity, the findings can be translated effectively to enhance social development and human life. With the rise of modernism, capitalism and technology, we became more materialistically minded and our high dreams have been blurred to catch up and survive. There is a dire need to reconnect with our innate process of inquiry and reasoning. That means, having a brutal honest dialogue, and revisiting the very basics of our essence; reclaiming the power of inquiry and intentions.

The process of inquiry and reasoning is an innate human phenomena and gift that all of us experience. This seminar is for everyone to explore, you don’t need to be a researcher affiliated with an academic institution or undergoing a specific training. Your input and experience are essential to the overall field and how we foresee the future for next generations.

Ala’ Hammattah

About your Teacher

I’m Ala’ Abu Hammattah. I currently identify myself as a psychosocial researcher, a facilitator and counselor. I draw from my experiences in positive and somatic psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and ancient eastern shamanic healing traditions. 

My interest lies in enhancing wellbeing, traversing in depth factors like race, religion, spirituality, politics, and power and rank dynamics. My work is grounded in making a case for the significance of individual life and the necessity of courage, commitment and integrity. I believe that an authentic inner work life is the ultimate way to align with our life purpose and cultivate ongoing awareness of mind-body processes, for self and collective healing. 

My research interests focus on the intersection of aspects contributing to shifts in human consciousness, such as  cross-cultural experiences, generational trauma, metaphysical health, compassion and altruism. 

Currently, I am working internationally with masters and PhD researchers using second training to align with their life purpose and research intentions. I am also working to translate essence-work experiences into simplified tools to ease the complexity of human life. My high dream in life is to see my work benefiting individuals and organizational settings across cultures. 

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